Creating a Happier Home

We all want our home to be a cozy, peaceful escape. You deserve a spot that gives you a sanctuary for relaxation. Here are a few ways to make your home a happy serene place of escape.

Creating a Happier Home

Display Meaningful Pictures

Think about who and what makes you happy. Who comes to mind? Your family? Special friend? Maybe a pet? Displaying sentimental pictures around your home can help set you up for a happier day. Being reminded of the people and things you love may also give you the motivation needed to do your best.

Make Your Bed

A simple task will make a huge difference. Get in the habit of waking up and making your bed before you start your day. Try it! Once you get the hang of things you will love the clean look during the day and the cozy feel of getting into a freshly made bed at night.

Let in Light

Bring sunshine into your home by opening curtains for natural light. Turning on lamps for a brighter, more open space can also help lift the mood. A light and airy room can emit a peaceful happier feel and enhance your day.

Turn Off Electronics

Try to disconnect by taking away distractions in your home. You may find some time to relax. Turn off your phone and TV for a bit and spend your day reading a book. You’ll be surprised how stress-free you can be when you are not constantly checking your email or watching TV.

Clean For 5 minutes A Day

A quick pick up of each room can go a long way. Whether you’re simply picking clothes up off the floor or folding a blanket, a small five-minute cleaning can make you feel more organized. Leave the deep clean for a different day. Vacuuming a rug or clearing the counter can enhance the look of your home quickly and make you feel more in control of your space.

Good Scents

Do you love a summer lavender scent or a holiday time cranberry scent? No matter what season it is, highlight your favorite scent by using them around your home. Possibly a soap or an air freshener, a comforting smell can spread through your home and instantly heighten your mood.

Relaxing Environment

Create a relaxing space in your home with your style and design by adding pillows, blankets and rugs. Bringing in those extra touches can create a more comfortable environment leaving you with a relaxed feeling all day. Have a green thumb? Add plants and greenery throughout your home. Real or artificial plants will liven up your space with a beautiful aromatic array of color.

Your home should be used as a place to unwind.  Try to switch up your space and your daily routine with these helpful tips. We hope they help give you the tools that help you feel truly at home.

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