Natural Ways to Make Your Home Holiday Scented

Your home decorating may look like the holidays are coming, but adding scents of fall and winter is just what’s needed to put you in the holiday spirit. The aromas of cinnamon, apple, and evergreen swirling about will switch your mindset to the festive season. Check out these natural ways to fill your home with all your favorite holiday scents.


Swap out your candles for a different holiday trend, potpourri. Make your own potpourri by simmering it on your stove. Use pumpkin spice and cinnamon sticks to get the perfect fall scent. With Christmas coming soon, make holiday potpourri with cranberries and nutmeg. This candle substitute will last throughout the holiday season and right into the New Year.

Scented Ornaments

Incorporate scented decorations around your home for an appealing visual and a sweet-smelling holiday fragrance. Get your craft glue out and make cinnamon scented ornaments. A simple mixture of glue, applesauce, and cinnamon will create a pleasant aroma for your home. Or, add essential oils to a bowl of corn starch, water, and baking soda to make a DIY scented ornament which you can design yourself. Essential oils can also be used to make holiday scented pinecones, the ultimate festive element for colder months.

Room Spray

Want the cinnamon and peppermint scents to follow you to every room of your home? Get in the holiday spirit with a DIY room spray tailored to each holiday. For fall, an apple pie or fall foliage room spray will put you in the autumn mood. Then, scents of a pine tree or candy cane throughout your home will transition your mindset to Christmastime.

Scented Soap

With holiday baking and craft decorating, things get messy around the holidays. We’re constantly washing our hands and cleaning off the counters. Change out your regular soap and use winter scented soap for a whiff of the holidays every time you wash your hands. In the fall months, everything is pumpkin scented, so your soap might as well be too! For winter, an evergreen woodsy scent is just what you want to smell when cleaning up.

Aromatic Wreaths

Spice up your home with dual-purpose décor, wreaths. Rosemary, cinnamon, and evergreen wreaths are pretty and pleasant-smelling. Hang the decorative wreaths on a door or wall, either way it’ll be sure to standout in your home this holiday season.

Holiday decorations are not complete unless a warm festive scent goes along with it. Get in the holiday spirit by adding fall and winter scents around your Encantada home today.

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