Lack of Closet Space Solved

With spring-cleaning finished, are you still looking for ways to make room in your closet? Here are some ways to get you started on creating more space for all your shoes and clothes:

Lack of Closet Space Solved

Floor Space

With most things hanging up in your closet, the floor is empty. Use all the available space by placing a shoe rack or a small dresser in the closet. You can put every inch of space to good use.

Clean Out

Make a one-year rule and declutter all the clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in the past year. If you haven’t worn it in the past year, chances are you won’t need it in the future either.

Add Lighting

Part of the reason your closet is looking small is because of the lack of lighting. Brighten up the space by adding small track lighting around the closet. More light in the space will not only give depth to the closet, but it may illuminate clothes you forgot you had.

Closet Doors

Take advantage of the closet doors by placing hooks on the inside to display purses, belts, or even jewelry. Get more creative by hanging up a storage shoe bag to organize your shoes. The closet door will give you an added storage spot without taking up much space.

Double Up

Double up clothes on hangers by using the pull tab from a soda can; by putting a hangar through one hole in the pull-tab, you can put another hangar through the second hole. This will allow multiple hangers to be layered downward, ultimately saving more space on the rod for other hangers.

Storage Bins

The addition of storage bins will help tremendously in adding more space. On the shelves or on the floor of your closet, storage bins will allow you to put more things in one spot while being organized at the same time.


Add mirrors on the side of the closet or the closet door to create an illusion of a bigger closet. The mirrors will open-up the space and you will be able to see more areas of your closet in one glance.

From adding storage bins to making use of the doors, there are many easy and inexpensive options to choose from in creating extra space in your closet.

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