Jazz Up a Boring Hallway

Hallways are often a neglected area of the home. You pass through it every day, but don’t spend enough time there to notice a lack of decorations. Don’t let this long and windowless space be the eyesore of your home. These five easy tips will have your guests thinking you spent months perfecting your hallway décor.

Jazz Up A Boring Hallway

Create a Focal Point

Does your hallway feel never ending? Create a decorative area at the end for a focal point your eyes will be drawn to. A cozy chair, a bright art piece, or even floating shelves are the perfect accent to enhance the style of a hallway. Every room in your home needs a focal point, don’t forget about the hallway too.

Hang a Mirror

Nobody wants their hallway to feel narrow and dull. Find a decorative piece which creates the illusion of extra space and more lighting; a mirror will suit this need. Place a mirror perfectly along the wall or at the end of the hallway to instantly add more dimension.

Use a Rug

Add a pop of color to your long hallway with a vibrant rug. Whether you prefer patterns or solid colors, a rug can brighten up any space with minimal effort. Vertical stripes on a rug can make a short hallway seem long, while horizontal stripes may create the impression of a wider hallway.

Add Storage

You can never have too much storage in your home. Narrow cabinets increase storage while creating a standout piece of furniture. Shelves on the wall are extremely useful without losing hallway space. Adding a console table with drawers can double as storage and an extra spot to decorate.

Make a Gallery Wall

A combination of pictures and décor accents is the perfect way to transform a simple wall into a statement wall. Use the same color palette or a variety of shades for a uniform look in your hallway. Don’t just stick to placing pictures on one wall, take advantage of both sides and create a unique design your guest will love.

You want every room in your home to have a warm and inviting design, so be sure to include the hallway as well. Put the finishing touches on your home and focus on the hallway décor today.

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