Decorating with Items You Already Have

With summer right around the corner, consider changing the look of your home with the season. Why not transform your living space with the accessories you already have instead of buying new items? Here’s a guide on how to help give your home a quick makeover:

Decorating with Items You Already Have


Allow your furniture to change the look of the room: Give new purpose to old items.

  • Turn a stool into a side table by adding a lamp or flower decorations.
  • Grab a glass jar or mug out of your cabinets to hold a flower arrangement.
  • Repurpose a cake stand or kitchen plate to the bathroom and display soaps or jewelry.
  • Use a planter as a coffee table. Add the lid on top and you have storage inside as well as a space to place decorations on top.


It could be all you need for a renewed viewpoint is to rearrange pieces around your home.

  • Move around your lamps and shades in each room.
  • Change out the pillows on the couch and bed to give both rooms a new pop of color.
  • Switch the couch for the chair or move the end table to the other side for an easy fix.
  • Bring the rug from your bedroom to the living room or remove it completely.


Use up the wall space to give the room a new design feature.

  • Hang dishes on the wall in a pattern. This makes a unique decoration piece!
  • Dig out those family photos you have stored and add your personal touch by displaying them around your home.
  • Who says rugs can only be on the floor? Incorporate a bright rug onto the wall for a look that will be sure to standout.
  • Change up your room’s wall décor by bringing your bedroom wall art to the living room or stage them in a different wall pattern.


Declutter your home by removing items to reveal a new look!

  • Is your wall full? Take down some wall décor. Then showcase a cleaner look.
  • Go through the books and small shelf items. Then throw away what you no longer use.
  • Donate all your extra closet items. You know you will be amazed at the extra room you have once you clean out and organize your clothes!
  • Remove the clutter and excess countertop and end table decorations.

This summer, minor changes around your home can go a long way. Why not start today on your seasonal solution—an easy home makeover? Have fun!

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