Decorate Without Damaging Your Space

Nobody wants to spend time patching up holes left over from hanging wall art and curtains. Or using endless amounts of tape to keep décor from falling. Command strips, Scotch tabs, and Gorilla mounting tape are all great if you’re looking for an easy removal without damaging the wall or furniture. Here are ways to decorate and add storage around your home with removable strips and tabs.

Decorate Without Damaging Your Space


First and foremost, use adhesive strips and heavy duty tape for decorating walls. If you’re looking to hang a framed picture of your family in the hallway or a fun art design above the couch, Command strips or Scotch mounting tabs are the perfect way to quickly add stylish décor to any room and spice up your bare walls.


Are your cushions sliding off your dining room chairs or kitchen barstools? Make Gorilla mounting tape useful in a different way. Place four pieces on each corner of the chair, and then lay the comfy cushion on top. Cushions falling and sliding off the chair won’t be a problem again.


Nobody ever has enough storage around the house. Whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, hanging a decorative storage container on the wall with Command hook or Scotch mounting tab is never a bad idea. Add a small wicker basket on the bathroom wall for extra storage. Or lighten up the shelves in the kitchen pantry and hang spices or fruit in a plastic basket on the back of the door. Your storage problems can be easily solved with an adhesive strip and a decorative storage basket.


Block out the light in your home without putting huge holes in the wall. Hanging curtains with Command hooks is a quick fix and they’re easy to remove. Paint the color of the hook to match your wall and the curtain rod. Then, place the hooks and hang the rod with curtains! The finished project will look so good your guests will never know what a quick and easy process this was.


Things often accumulate through the years and there ends up being an abundance of supplies around the house. Try placing a Scotch mounting tab or Gorilla tape in your bathroom to hang a curling iron, towels, or even a toothbrush. Sticking Command hooks in your kitchen cabinets will come in handy for oven mitts, measuring cups, pots, and lids. Hooks are also useful for all your bedroom and closet supplies. Hanging jewelry, belts, and ties is just a start to the benefits of removable mounting strips and hooks.


Cords from lamps and computers are an eyesore and tripping hazard. Put Command hooks or Gorilla mounting tape to good use by placing them along the edge of a table to keep the cords off the floor. Do you have multiple extension cords getting tangled together? Fix this issue by sticking heavy duty tape or a hook on the wall. Whichever you choose, your cords will be out of the way and tangle-free.

Removable mounting strips and tabs are an essential addition to your home, whether you’re looking to add more storage around the house or hang a picture on the wall. Stop putting holes in your walls and start trying out an easy removal and no damage option.

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