Creative Ideas to Free Up Space & Cut the Clutter

Mail piling up on the table? Unused space under the kitchen sink? Bulky items taking up vital closet space?

We all have signs of life in our homes, and only rarely are we happy about the amount of storage space we have. Here are some amazing ideas we’ve discovered online and in our own lives for decluttering, getting organized, and maximizing available space.

Unused storage space uncovered―under the bed. While there are large shallow rolling bins designed for under the bed storage, if you grab a set of risers you can maximize that space. Risers typically lift your bed up 6 to 9 inches, and if you’re storing winter clothes, mementos, or other rarely used items it can be a real boon.

Shoe organizers―not just for shoes. The backs of doors, especially bathroom doors, can be a great place to organize items you use often. Simply slip styling tools, hair products, and other toiletries into the pockets of hanging shoe bags. This helps keep the counters in your bathroom uncluttered and frees up precious drawer or cabinet space, while keeping what you need close.

Baker’s racks become kitchen space savers. The metal racks typically have a wood counter area and a grid on the back which, with the help of a few large S-hooks, can not only help you save cabinet space but can make for a beautiful accent to any kitchen. Some also come with lower shelf wine racks, and the upper shelf of these racks is great for spices. You can even find them with basket-styled drawers great for root vegetables or dishtowels.

Make use of magnets. These can be excellent tools for keeping clutter-prone items out of your drawers and cabinets. Put spices in metal tins, then glue magnets to the bottom. [Or look for spice sets available that already have magnets.] Then decorate the fridge or stove hood with an attractive, tasty display of your spice collection.

The power of magnets can go even further. Check out the office supplies section of your local one-stop store and you can find cute little metal baskets with magnetic strips along the edges. These can then be affixed to the fridge. You can also use them to hold pads and pens to create a neater message station. Larger magnetic baskets can typically hold light mail items or favorite recipes.

Adhesive hooks stick it to clutter causers. Hang coats, hats, and ties, of course. But you can also stick a few of these hooks under the counter near your coffee pot and your mug is right there in the morning. Or use them to hang belts, scarves, and purses in closets. Get creative; these removable hooks can do wonders for freeing up and saving space.

Binder clips can organize more than paper. A handful of binder clips on the back or side of a table are a great way to keep from losing important plugs and cords. Fold back the handles and thread your cell phone charger, USB plug, or other connector through the top of the handle to keep those cords from snaking right off the end of the table and into the spaghetti of cables under the desk or into the abyss behind the shelf.

Stash your baskets. Baskets can be a great way to store all sorts of belongings—magazines, toys, linens, craft supplies, and even umbrellas. Some baskets even fit in that under-the-bed space provided by the risers or in the corners of closets. You can also keep baskets out of the way by turning furniture diagonal to room corners and tucking the baskets in the open space.

And don’t forget the kitchen sink … or below it, actually. Under the sink can be one of the most unorganized spaces, with lots of extra room going unused. Use a tension rod to hang your spray bottles with triggers, leaving more room under the sink for other supplies.

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