Bringing a Pet into Apartment Life

At Encantada Luxury Apartment Homes, we welcome you and your furry friends, big or small, to feel at home. Of course, pets can become like precious family members so it is important to consider all aspects of ownership. Whether you have a cat or a dog, apartment life with a pet can take some adjustment. Here are a few tips for a successful transition.

Select the Right Breed

Set yourself up for years of happiness with your pet by selecting a breed that is well-suited for apartment life. Some high-energy dog breeds, like Dalmatians or retrievers, require moderately intense daily exercise and are probably not the best choice for a home without a yard. The same goes for cat breeds, like Abyssinian or Ocicat; these cats are very active and thrive on attention. Without the proper care and exercise, these pet can become destructive.

However, there are still plenty of breeds that can thrive in a smaller space. Check out this list of dogs that are appropriate for apartment dwellers and this list of cats that do well indoors.

Be Ready to Invest Time for Daily Care

If you have a dog in an apartment, be prepared to take the pooch out for a minimum of two walks a day, and most likely more. While your pet is getting used to his new home, you may need to take him out for potty breaks more frequently. A cat’s litter box will require daily scooping. Also consider the work that will go into cleaning several pounds of litter and your proximity to the community garbage where you will dispose of the waste.

Stay Current on Vaccinations

Making sure that your dog has his shots up to date is critical since he will be exploring the same grounds as other canines. This will both ensure your pup does not get sick and that he does not potentially infect another pet. Depending on your pet’s age, he will require different vaccinations. These precautions are also important in the rare case of a pet bite, when providing proof of vaccination can save you from further trouble.

Socialize Your Pet and Be Conscious of Shared Spaces

While first introducing your pet to a community environment, ease her into all the sights and sounds that come along with busy apartment life. For a cat, this may mean placing her in a quiet room while you are gone or ensuring she has a window to look out where she will not damage the blinds.

For a dog, this will mean introducing him to your neighbors and letting him explore the communal paths you take for walks. Your dog should always remain on a leash in public spaces and it is paramount that you always clean up after your pet.

Encantada’s pet-friendly community is waiting for you and your cat or dog. Check your location for specifics on pet rules, required deposits, and an on-site Dog Ranch.

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