App-Solutely the Best Way to Change Your Décor

Thinking of rearranging your living space? Buying new furniture and want to be certain everything will fit? Or perhaps you just want to analyze the traffic flow a change in furniture placement will bring? Tasks like these used to require graph paper and a pencil with a large eraser.

Today, there are apps to show you exactly how changes in décor will look. Many interior design apps are meant to help homeowners when building or renovating. However, we’ve found three apps which have helpful features renters will find useful.

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There’s no need to know the exact measurement of any room. Magicplan will use photos or videos of any room, calculate the square footage, and create a floor plan which allows you to place furniture and objects. This free app is available for iOS 7.0 or later from the App Store, and from Google Play for Android devices with a gyroscope.

There’s more for home renovators than renters in this app, but Houzz still has a feature which allows you to drop photos of products into photos of your rooms, sizing them accordingly, and perhaps answering a question that has plagued us all, “Where do you think the couch should go?” You can also save all your design ideas in ideabooks for later access. Plus, get fresh ideas from thousands of photos, and if you haven’t found the exact piece of furniture you envision, Houzz has marked-down furniture you can buy. This handy app is for iPhones and iPads with iOS 9.0 or later.

Don’t you hate it when you get that $140-million Jackson Pollock home only to discover it looks peculiar hanging over your futon? Now you can see art in your home before spending a dime. Curate allows you to place well-lit art anywhere in your home. Take a photo of that spot above the futon, download a photo of the Pollock, and you’ll immediately know that Dogs Playing Poker will look better. Curate is available for iOS and Android devices.

When art and tech successfully combine to augment each other, it’s a beautiful thing.

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