Apartment Living With Your Four-Legged Friends

Moving into a new living space can be stressful for everyone involved, including your pets. Once settled, it’s important to help your four-legged friend adjust to their new home and ensure they are comfortable and safe.

In order to maximize your pet’s living experience, we have an essential to-do list to make any pet, from Fido to Fluffy, happy in your apartment.

  1. Make sure your pet is spayed, neutered, and vaccinated. Prepping your pet can prevent little accidents from turning into big expenses, like fixing carpeting, removing unwanted stains, etc.
  2. Vacuum regularly. Keeping the floors and carpets clean will help prevent unwanted pet hair and odor from accumulating.
  3. Find a local dog or animal park. Pet-friendly parks are a great way to give your pet outdoor time away from the apartment. Whether it’s a quick walk or an all-afternoon activity, going to an animal park will get your pet much needed fresh air and exercise. Don’t forget, many of Encantada’s pet-friendly communities have an on-site Dog Ranch. Check with your property’s management office for details.
  4. Have plenty of toys at hand. Make sure your pet has plenty of stimulation when indoors. Having toys to play with will keep your pet entertained and give them easy indoor exercise.
  5. Invest in baby gates. Gating off sections of your apartment allows you to see your pet while keeping them at bay. These are great to pull out when guests come over, while you’re entertaining, or you’re working on a home project.
  6. Keep feeding bowls in an easy-to-clean location. Pets can be messy, so be prepared for water to spill or food to end up outside of their food bowl. Putting your pet’s food bowls in an easy-to-clean area, like on tile in the kitchen area, makes for a quick clean-up process.
  7. Put medications, charger cords, and food in hard to reach places. To keep your pet—and your belongings—safe, make sure to put potentially dangerous items out of reach. Childproof latches are also a great way to keep low cabinets safely secure and away from curious noses.


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