Adult Decorating Ideas Inspired by Kids’ Rooms

Kids are known for being free-spirited and imaginative. Their bedrooms or playrooms often reflect their artistic and developing minds. Bring out your inner kid and get inspired by these six kids’ room decorating ideas for adults.

Bold Colors

Kids are constantly growing and changing. Let your home do the same by styling it with colorful accents. After all, bright rugs and bold pillows are way easier to change than a new couch. Decorate by season or just by personal preference, selecting items which you find visually appealing. Allow your home to express your current style trend of the month or year.


As adults, we don’t need a place to keep our crayons and paints, but we do need a work area where we can clear our minds and get some quick work done. You don’t need a huge office to achieve this. You can incorporate a small work space in any of the rooms of your home. Pull up a chair to your nightstand or add a small table to the corner; either way, your productivity will instantly increase with an added workspace.


Kids’ rooms never lack toys and stuffed animals, and their walls always have finger paintings on display. Accessorize your home by adding decorative pieces like flowers, accent trays, and vases, or by hanging wall art. Whether it’s a colorful piece or a picture of friends, decorating the walls isn’t only for kids’ rooms.

Display Case

Kids are always wanting to showcase their artwork or trophies. Transform a display case into a more mature setting with collectables, books, or antiques. Show off your decorations in a glass case or leave the glass doors off for an open-concept style display.

Bulletin Board

Who said hanging items up with tacks was just for kids? Hang a corkboard in your home and pin up reminders, invitations, or grocery lists. You’ll never forget anything on your to-do list after placing a bulletin board in your home.

Decorative Baskets

Let’s face it, even as adults we’re searching for places to hide all the mess. Baskets are the solution for visually appealing storage. Whether they’re woven, metal, or cloth, the additional storage is an added bonus in any room. Extra baskets can store loose items, keeping them easily accessible.

A combination of kids’ creative and bold styles will have your home on trend in no time. Take inspiration from their energetic rooms and decorate your home in a kid-friendly way.

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