Adding Reversible Style to Your Bathroom

One’s home décor should reflect the resident’s style, and the often-neglected bathroom shouldn’t be an exception. When decorating your bathroom, unleash your secret interior designer. Though the room may be small, you don’t have to feel limited when decorating – add items that can be easily removed whenever you want to change the mood.

Adding Reversible Style to Your Bathroom


The best reversible style to add in your bathroom starts with enhancing the small details. Towels, or accessories like soap or a tissue holder, are all easy ways to individualize your bathroom. Brighten dreary bathrooms with a vibrant red towel, then next month switch them out for a dark blue color. Do you have an empty shelf? This is the perfect spot to show off bathroom necessities like a jar full of cotton balls, extra towels or an elegant perfume display.


Liven-up your bathroom with a green plant or two. Is your bathroom lacking natural light? Succulents and cacti can thrive in low-light, making them the perfect bathroom accessory. If you’re decorating your bathroom based on a color theme, artificial flowers or plants will enhance the ambiance and style of the room, creating a lovely addition with no upkeep.

Statement Rug

Tie the bathroom together with a statement rug in the center of the room. Adding this cozy element gives a relaxed and warm feel. Tonally match the rug to other colors or go with a fun pattern that will stand-out. From mixed colors to solids, there are many ways to personalize your floorspace with a statement rug, which can be easily replaced when you want a different look.

Wall Space

Take advantage of all the decorating possibilities available on your walls. Frame a collage of colorful art or pictures of your favorite memories. Customize wall spaces so there aren’t a lot of large, empty spaces. Whether it’s a framed quote on the wall or a unique art piece, this is your space, so do what feels right for you.


Go the extra step when personalizing your bathroom with a new piece of furniture. Show your sense of style with a comfortable place to sit or a side table in the corner. If you’re looking for more storage space, add a towel rack or storage container. Decorating your space doesn’t have to be limited to only using the counter space, so look at the bathroom from all angles.

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