7 Wonderful Ways to Use Washi Tape

Dress up your furniture, creatively organize your desk, and accessorize your belongings with washi tape. Made from natural fibers, this versatile tape will transform items from bland to fabulous with the variety of pretty designs available in a durable material.

7 Ways to Use Washi Tape


Mix and match tapes of various colors to decorate any type of table with fun designs and styles. Overlapping patterns, tasteful stripes, and chic layouts will instantly upgrade your furniture. Be creative and use washi tape to transform a basic table into a children’s play area by creating roads on the table top for toy cars to drive on.


Is it time for a desk makeover? From colorful keyboards to unique journals, easily create a personalized workspace with washi tape. With a variety of tape colors and patterns to choose from, decorate your office supplies, craft bookmarks from paperclips, and make one-of-a-kind notebooks with custom designs


Stay beautifully organized by applying this decorative tape to your storage solutions and organizers. Label your containers, corral your electronics, and create tabs for planners in an appealing and easy way. Without tarnishing walls or leaving sticky residue, tape out a grid on your wall to create a monthly calendar—make it even more eye-popping with colorful sticky notes.

Party Décor

Your party will be one to remember with the use of washi tape décor. Use it to design patterned coasters, plates, and cups. Add pizzazz to your cutlery by creating cute pennant flags. The adorable pennant flag design can also be used for straws and cupcake toppers.

Wrapping Paper

Add a playful touch to gift wrapping and transform any package into a fun, memorable present. Design your own bows, personalize party favor gift bags, and incorporate a festive touch to simple wrapping paper. Take it a step further and make creative party favors with washi tape and takeout containers.

Picture Frames

Make your pictures pop by fashionably decorating your picture frames with vibrant colors and shapes using washi. In just a few minutes, you can integrate a colorful flair to your walls and tables with your original and creative frames.

Nail Fashion

Spice up your fingernails with washi tape nail art. Go beyond the traditional French manicure and experiment with endless tape designs. Whether you want striped, floral, or heart patterns, washi tape adds intricate design to your nails in an easy and stylish way.

It’s easy to bring a personal touch to your Encantada home by finding inexpensive DIY projects to transform your living space.

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