7 Ways to Dress Up Your Home for Spring

For many, the coming of spring symbolizes the chance for renewal and fresh starts. It’s that time of the year when you want to breathe new life into your routine and explore possibilities. This spring, what better place to start than your own home?

Photo courtesy of Decoist. Photo courtesy of Decoist.

Mixing things up for the season doesn’t have to be costly or require major time investments. A few touches here and there can add up to a whole new feeling in your space.

Patterns – Swap out the throw pillows on your couch or bed for ones with light colors or a natural pattern. Flowers, leaves, butterflies, and birds all make for patterns that evoke that springtime feeling, but you can also try geometric prints in pastels. Try adding a pattern with these elements to different areas throughout your home, think vases, lampshades, and decorative accent pieces like storage boxes.

Window Treatments – Switch up your window coverings for ones that let more light in. Light colored panels will do this well and you can opt for one that is patterned to still allow for privacy. Save the heavy drapes for winter when they are useful for conserving heat. It’s amazing the difference changing up your window treatments will make in a room.

Add Flowers – Bring in some fresh flowers, they don’t have to be pricey and could even be potted plants that you keep year round. Try a faux plant centerpiece to brighten up a coffee, dining, or end table. Think cherry blossoms, dogwood flowers, daffodils, tulips, and sunflowers.

Paint Something – Give new life to some of your older furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Go for that bright color you fear might overwhelm in a larger context and concentrate it to an accent on a dresser by painting just the nobs, pulls, or borders. Try adding a splash of color to the back panel of a bookshelf so that it peeks through. Start with a removable wallpaper,if you are unsure about making a commitment.

Linens – Invest in a spring color theme for your table lines, placemats, runners, and napkins to instantly brighten your tablescape. You can put it away for fall and bring it out again next year. You can also do this with your bathroom linens like towels, shower curtains, and bathmats.

Make Some Art – Place leaves on a white piece of paper, go over them with a bright paint or spray paint, remove the leaves, and you’ll have a quick and easy springtime print to showcase. Frame it to make it official, and you’ve just become an artist. Try either of these tutorials for a weekend project: Weekend DIY Project Silhouette Botanical Art or Watercolor Leaf Print.

Decals – There are a ton of different wall decals these days. Try some out in the bathroom or children’s room for an instant, nonpermanent wall perk me up. Consider images of trees and plants, birds and butterflies. Many are simplistic designs that add a point of interest to bare balls without taking over.

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