6 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home This Fall

With Halloween getting closer and cold weather approaching, decorating your home with a fall-inspired look is the perfect way to get everyone in an autumn mindset. Start off the season right with these easy design ideas for your home.

White Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a must-have in your home every fall, but are you tired of the same old bright orange pumpkins? Mix it up this year and go the non-traditional route with white pumpkins. White pumpkins can be used as a vase, centerpiece, or mantle accent. Whether you choose to use plastic or ceramic pumpkins, they will be the standout accessory of your home this season and many more to come.

Fresh Flowers

Bring the outside in. Fresh flowers and leaves will enhance any room with their bright colors and inviting smell. Acorns, pumpkins, and fruits alongside the flowers are the perfect complement to your fall arrangement. Want decorations which are not season specific? Deck out multiple vases with autumn branches for a design that will be fitting for several months.

Chalkboard Paint

Give a warm welcome to guests with a friendly message in chalk. Writing a season’s greeting or making a fall checklist on a chalkboard will liven up any room. Or, keep up with the current trend and try a no-carve pumpkin. The days of spending hours carving pumpkins are over. Decorate pumpkins with chalkboard paint and you can draw any face or greeting you want, erase, and then start again.

Festive Pillows

Be bold this fall season. Switch out your everyday pillows for a pop of color. Autumn colors such as red, orange, and yellow should be your go-to shades this fall season. Add a little texture in any room with knits or patterns. You can never have too many pillows—pile up on pillows of different colors and textures to warm up a room on a cold night.


Nothing says cold weather is coming more than pinecones around your home. Make a statement by hanging pinecones, making a frame, or using a variety for a centerpiece. Don’t want to change out the décor before winter? Pinecones can be used for decorating throughout the winter.


Potpourri will give your home the perfect scent of fall with minimal effort. Its decorative look and appealing smells will have your home feeling more like the season instantly. Make it a DIY project by putting dried fruit and nuts into a bowl, then top it off with essential oils featuring fall scents. Not sure which scents work best for fall? Cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and wood scents will give your home the aromas of autumn in no time.

Make your home a relaxed and decorative environment before the cold weather comes. These tips will help you start your décor transition from summer to fall today.

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