Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Homeowners that go on vacation for even a week have a lot to worry about. Single-family homes are prime targets for burglars because they’re isolated with multiple, often secluded, entry points which criminals love. With over one million residential burglaries, how can homeowners have a relaxing vacation?

Keeping Your Home Safe While You Are Away

Residents of Encantada are less of a target because apartments have fewer entry points, neighbors are a lot closer, there is more foot traffic, and a rental unit is more difficult for a burglar to watch than a freestanding home. Still, here are a few precautions that will reduce the chance of a break in.

Stay Away from Social Media
Many people like to share their lives on social media, but if you’re going on vacation, keep a low profile. You don’t want to share that you’re out of town and how long you’ll be away. Criminals can be very cyber-savvy, and broadcasting your plans is like sending out an invitation to be robbed. Post geotagged vacation pics after you’re safely back home.

Make it Appear as if You’re Home
It used to be considered high tech to have lights on a timer that would turn on and off at exactly the same time every night when you weren’t home. Burglars quickly identified those regimented lighting schedules, and would rob you anyway. Today, products like Apple’s HomeKit allow you to monitor your home from afar and really give it the appearance of occupation. You can remotely check your locks, monitor motion and sound, turn lights on and off, and view your apartment via webcam.

Hide Valuables
A safety deposit box is the best place for valuables like jewelry or rare coins. Criminals can’t steal what’s not in the house. They also can’t steal what they can’t find, so hiding valuables is also an option. Burglars don’t want to spend more than a few minutes inside a home, so they won’t spend too much time looking around.

Neighbors and Friends
Most burglars don’t want to risk human interaction, so a good deterrent is to have someone in your home at random times. A trusted friend or neighbor, who can enter your home every day for a quick check, is one of the best security measures. Not only does their presence deter criminals, but they can also provide a cursory check of the apartment to be sure the electricity is on, the water heater isn’t leaking, and can even feed your goldfish and water your plants. If you don’t have trusted friends or neighbors, you can hire some to watch your place.

If you’re going to be away this summer, a few simple steps will make it a pleasant, worry-free getaway, and you’ll come back to an apartment that is just the way you left it.

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