Home Workout Ideas

With the hectic lives we all so regularly lead, it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym or on-property fitness center during business hours. Maybe you’re just starting your fitness journey and prefer the comfort of your own home to build motivation. Whatever the case, working out at home is actually quite manageable and can still remain effective enough for you to see results.

Home Workout Ideas

Circuit Training

High-intensity circuit training is a type of workout which combines resistance and aerobic training by using body weight for resistance. A high volume of energy is output on a series of exercises for a short workout that tones and defines muscles without using any equipment.

For example, the participant cycles through 10 different exercises, like jumping jacks, planks, lunges, squats, etc., performed for 30 seconds each or done in a given number of repetitions, with 10 seconds of rest or transitions between each. The entire workout is repeated two to three times for an exercise routine lasting a total of 20 minutes. There are many instructional videos that can guide you.

Ditch the Equipment

Different types of circuit training can utilize equipment, but for the home user, a version that relies only on body weight is an excellent solution, since it typically only requires enough space to be able to lie down. The American College of Sports Medicine has a useful article outlining the techniques and overall benefits. Additionally, this workout guide is intended specifically for folks living in apartments.

Another way to make your space function well for your workout is to use household items for added resistance. An extra-heavy book can replace a kettlebell, or a variety of pantry items can replace hand weights. There are also helpful apartment-friendly workout ideas which use books as weights.

Finally, if you are on a top floor and feel that noise is the obstacle to your apartment workout, there are solutions for that as well, like the Quiet Cardio Workout.

Don’t forget that Encantada also has a variety of options for getting in shape on your home turf. On-site fitness centers, pools, free weights, and bicycles for check-out are all possibilities.

As always, please consult your physician before beginning any physical routine.

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