Decorating Your New Space

It won’t be a challenge when decorating your new Encantada home. Show off your unique sense of style in your luxury space. From adding wall décor to comfortable ottomans, the options to personalize your space are limitless. Bright colors and a variety of textures are perfect when you want to make a strong personal statement. Or choose cool and calming tones for a cozy feeling. Check out these great ways to express your personality in your new home.

Decorating Your New Space

Keep it Simple

Start decorating by buying the home essentials. Kitchen supplies, bed sheets, and bathroom towels are all necessary items in any new home. Slowly add more items over time; don’t buy all your furniture and decorations in one trip. Treat your home decorating like a treasure hunt and take your time finding the perfect pieces.


Natural light from windows gives your space a warm, homey feeling, but creating well-lit rooms with lamps will make that same feeling at all times of the day. Whether you prefer a stand-up lamp in the living room or a bedside lamp, adding more light will open up your space and give you another item to make your space unique to your personality.


Rugs and pillows are only a few of the solutions for adding your personal touch to your luxury space. Texture and color in accessories will enhance each room by showing off your style. Display your one-of-a-kind design choices in the décor with curtains, mirrors, and plants.


The quote, “measure twice, cut once,” can also be said about buying pieces for your home. Always know exactly what size is needed for each room you are looking to fill. Whether it’s new side table or a picture frame, measuring the space before buying décor will save you money and time in the end.

Add Storage

Are you looking for more storage in your new home? Incorporate your storage pieces into the accessories by adding ottomans and baskets. Find versatile pieces of furniture that can do double-duty as storage space and décor.

Turn your Encantada luxury space into a personalized home by adding your own style and flair. Get started with these helpful ideas, but keep in mind the possibilities are endless.

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