5 Holiday Entertaining Tips for Encantada Residents

Bring happiness and joy to your luxury apartment this holiday, no matter what the size of your living space. It’s a time to get together with loved ones and make memories. Hosting people at your home can be done in a manner that makes the most of your space with just a few simple adjustments.

5 Holiday Entertaining Tips for Encantada Residents

  1. Move Furniture – Rearrange things to make room in the areas where you will be entertaining. Move items which might be in the way to a room that will be unused while you host. If you will mainly have your guests in the living room, put unused furniture in the bedroom, like magazine racks or extra side tables.
  2. Use Lighting and Music – Create a mood that will differentiate Your Home from Your Party. Add tea lights to the dining area, dim the lights, and put on some music to transform the atmosphere of your apartment. Place a scented candle in the bathroom for a luxurious spa-like touch that your guests will appreciate.
  3. Streamline Drink Options – Avoid getting stuck playing bartender all night by creating a single signature cocktail you make before the event and let guests self-serve from a large pitcher or dispenser. If your crowd isn’t the cocktail type, clear out the kitchen sink, fill it with ice and bottled or canned drinks, allowing your guests to help themselves from your makeshift cooler which maximizes space.
  4. Repurpose Furniture & Spaces – Get creative with the furniture you already own and existing spaces in your apartment. Let your bedroom act as the coat closet for the night, use a console table as a buffet, empty a few shelves on a bookcase to make space for meal elements, like plates or condiments, and use your bathtub to store dirty dishes that can be hidden behind the shower curtain while you entertain.
  5. Simplify the Menu – Opt for appetizers and finger foods that don’t require a full-sit down dinner. If you do want to go the dinner party route, utilize premade elements you can buy at the store to save prep space in the kitchen. Try a one-dish meal, like lasagna or pork tenderloin.

Encantada Luxury Apartment Homes, in Tucson and Phoenix, allow residents to expand beyond their apartment for a variety of on-site entertaining scenarios. Host a screening of your favorite movie in the state-of-the-art movie theatre, or a cookout with friends and family at one of the grill and gazebo locations. Have a birthday party or baby shower in the well-appointed clubhouse. Chill at the resort-style pool for a party that will leave your guests talking about it until next summer. However you decide to entertain, embrace what you’re working with and make the most of your Encantada Living.

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