3 Inexpensive DIY Projects for Home to Transform Your Space

Home do-it-yourself projects are a low-cost and fun way to transform your favorite spaces around the house. After all, your home is also your sanctuary so take the opportunity to add a personal touch with these three inexpensive and easy DIY projects. Ideal for everyone, from the novice to a professional handyman, these tasks are easy to tackle but make a big impact.

3 Inexpensive DIY Projects for Home to Transform Your Space
  1. DIY Pallet Designs
    Wooden pallets are used to stack products at retail stores and store owners will often leave them near dumpsters for trash pickup. What you may not know, is that it is acceptable to take those pallets home and turn them into unique and beautiful pieces of furniture or décor. All you need to create a distinctive piece of art is a pallet and your imagination.
  2. Add a Coat of Fresh Paint to Your Furniture
    Consider giving your old furniture a makeover with a coat of paint, and bring a pop of color into any room. Any distressed dresser, worn-down desk, or small stool will work. A can of spray paint costs less than $5 and most secondhand stores have plenty of inexpensive options to choose from when it comes to used furniture.
  3. Find Your Zen with a Fountain
    You can bring the soothing sound of running water home with these indoor water fountains. You’ll be able to find your inner peace any time of day or night. Choose a fountain container that fits your personality and makes you feel at home.

Try any, or all, of these inexpensive DIY project ideas to mix things up and bring a personal touch into your Encantada home.


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