Safety Tips and Resources for Arizona Bicyclists

Traveling on two wheels requires the same amount of vigilance, responsibility, and law-abiding behavior as traveling on four. For recreational and commuting bike riders, it is important to stay up-to-date on local and state laws to reach their destination safely. We have created a comprehensive list of state laws, area maps, annual events, and resource links for your convenience.

Safety Tips and Resources for Arizona Bicyclists

State-Wide Residents

The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety provides a complete list of the state’s laws and safety tips for riders. Bicyclists must abide by all traffic laws, including stopping at stoplights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians, and signaling when making a turn. Riders going out before sunrise or after sunset must use a white headlight and red rear light so drivers can see them. It is also wise to wear a helmet for additional safety, fluorescent or bright-colored clothing, and stay alert of surroundings and traffic.

Tucson Residents

The City of Tucson created a pocket-sized map for bicyclists in order to choose a bike-friendly route. The map also includes information regarding the type of routes available on different streets, such as shared-use paths, separated bike lanes, bike routes, etc.

Bike Fest: Every April, Tucson holds a celebration of bicycling in the area. The annual festival features giveaways, prizes, and events held throughout the month. This spring, 350,000 people participated, logging a total of 27,310 miles.

El Tour de Tucson: Cyclists of every age can enjoy this annual ride. El Tour attracts over 9,000 participants every year with over six distances to choose from. Last year, the event raised $16 million for 52 nonprofit organizations.

Phoenix Residents

The Maricopa Association of Governments has an online map available for riders to explore the different paths throughout the Phoenix area. The map is color-coordinated based on the type of route or path available.

ABC Desert Classic: For 35 years, the Arizona Bicycle Club has hosted the Desert Classic, an event with four different distance choices for riders to choose from. Participants will ride through the Valley on the A, B, C, or D route.

El Tour de Mesa: Like its Tucson counterpart, riders of all ages are welcome to participate in this annual event. There is a long, short, and fun ride available to suit every skill level. Over 2,000 bicyclists participated this year, and the number continues to grow.

Check with your local area and bicycle organizations to find weekly group rides and monthly events. Enjoy your ride!

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