Need to Maximize Space? Nix Uni-Taskers from Your Life

We all multitask in our professional and personal lives. Why shouldn’t your furniture do the same? Finding furniture that can do double duty is a great approach to decorating your apartment home while freeing up space.

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Whether it’s an ottoman with storage for remotes and other small living room electronics which can also serve as extra seating for company, or an end table with drawers or a support beam that can double as a small bookshelf, having pieces with more than one purpose can help you use your space with more function and effectiveness.

Another quick tip for maximizing your usable space—when you’re not using an item, hide it. Or tuck it away. This can include appliances that can eat up kitchen or bathroom counter space, like a coffee maker or hair dryer.

There are several modular furniture options that are stylish and allow you to combine pieces to minimize the space they take. Look for adjustable shelving and break-apart seating.

Using up your vertical space, as opposed to horizontal space, is another method of making the most of your floor plan. Leaning bookcases and other vertical storage options can be great space savers.

Of course, there are also some space age ‘transformer’ furniture options designed with the explicit purpose of putting as much into tiny spaces as possible. Think wall beds (aka Murphy beds), cribs that turn to toddler beds that turn to full headboards, or coffee tables that also function as storage compartments and TV trays.

Do-It-Yourselfers can take their own crack at stealing some extra space by making their own multi-function pieces. There are some great ideas on Pinterest if you’ve got a creative streak. And, if you happen to remember Erector Sets, the toymaker is now selling furniture kits that will remind you of your childhood, including some great compact storage options.

So go ahead—seize the space!

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