Tips for Moving Into Your New Place

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting change of pace. Whether you’re moving into your first place or just looking for an upgrade, there are many details to consider when taking over a new space. To make the transition a little smoother, we have compiled a list of helpful tips and advice to make your new abode feel like home.

Safety Tips and Resources for Arizona Bicyclists

Traveling on two wheels requires the same amount of vigilance, responsibility, and law-abiding behavior as traveling on four. For recreational and commuting bike riders, it is important to stay up-to-date on local and state laws to reach their destination safely. We have created a comprehensive list of state laws, area maps, annual events, and resource links for your convenience.

How to Prepare for Monsoon

With monsoon upon us, it’s the perfect time to brush up on weather-related safety tips and tricks. While the long-awaited season brings fresh rain, cooler temperatures, and exciting thunderstorms, it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency. We have created a list of helpful suggestions to help you get ready for this year’s rainy season.

How to Stay Cool During AZ Summers

The sizzling heat of the Arizona desert in the summertime can often be overwhelming for newcomers. Break out your water bottle and check out these essentials for staying cool in the sweltering 100-degree temperatures.

Decorate Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to find excellent deals on new furniture and accessories for your home. It’s normal to find big furniture pieces with an even bigger price tag, but knowing where to look makes it possible to redecorate and stick to your budget. Revamp your living space without breaking the bank with these helpful tips.

Apartment Living With Your Four-Legged Friends

Moving into a new living space can be stressful for everyone involved, including your pets. Once settled, it’s important to help your four-legged friend adjust to their new home and ensure they are comfortable and safe.

7 Survival Tips for Moving to Southern Arizona

When most people think about Southern Arizona, they picture the stereotypical desert—barren dunes and seas of sand upon sand. The amazing Sonoran Desert in Tucson is among the only places in the world where the coolest cactus grows—the Saguaro. If you are new to the area, or even relocating to a new part of the city (there are Northwest, East, West, and South sides, as well as the Barrios and other small neighborhood enclaves), you will find yourself immersed in surreal natural beauty that can be a place of healing and serenity.

7 Ways to Dress Up Your Home for Spring

For many, the coming of spring symbolizes the chance for renewal and fresh starts. It’s that time of the year when you want to breathe new life into your routine and explore possibilities. This spring, what better place to start than your own home?

Spring Cleaning Gone Green

This spring, go green with your cleaning and ditch the chemical-heavy disinfectants you usually use for a better-for-the-environment and better-for-you natural cleaner you can make at home. From furniture polishes to glass and floor cleaners, there is a green solution to any cleaning conundrum that will leave your home sparkling and fresh without a chemical overload.