Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

A three-day weekend doesn’t mean you have to spend it bored at home. Start planning your three-day weekend of fun with these creative ideas:

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

Family Reunion

Take advantage of everyone having a long weekend and plan a spot for a family reunion. Get together with relatives you see every day and invite relatives you haven’t seen in years. Make Labor Day a weekend spent making memories with the people you love!

Picnic at the Park

Pack a lunch full of your favorite foods to take to the park. Enjoy the nice weather during Labor Day weekend! Why not play a game of catch or go down the slides after your picnic?

Pool Party

Spend the weekend outdoors swimming in the pool. Is it time to plan a pool party at Encantada’s luxurious pool, or even at a friend’s pool? Don’t forget to wear sun screen on this fun day in the sun.

Plan a Getaway

Use each day of this three-day weekend on a getaway. Go on a road trip somewhere nearby and stay for three nights. Eat at new restaurants and visit new sights. You’ll remember this weekend trip for years!


Fire up the grill this Labor Day Weekend and invite your closest friends. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks will be a hit! Spend those hours talking while eating your favorite summertime food.


Experience the outdoors by going on a hiking trail you’ve never been on. Take your time and hike slowly to take-in the beauty of nature that we often pass-by in a rush. There are many locations in Arizona where temperatures are already starting to cool by Labor Day, so enjoy the beautiful fall-like weather.

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get outdoors, be active, and make some priceless memories with friends, family, or by yourself.

Do-it-Yourself All–Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning can be a big job, no matter what size your apartment home may be. You want your living space to be spotless, and yet many cleaning products can leave a residue containing toxins and chemicals. Check-out these chemical-free, do-it-yourself natural cleaners.

Lack of Closet Space Solved

With spring-cleaning finished, are you still looking for ways to make room in your closet? Here are some ways to get you started on creating more space for all your shoes and clothes:

Surviving Hot Summer Nights

The heat that Arizona is known for is slowly but surely starting! And, as you know, there is nothing worse than trying to sleep in a hot, sticky room. That said, here are ways on how to cool down and sleep through hot summer nights:

Decorating with Items You Already Have

With summer right around the corner, consider changing the look of your home with the season. Why not transform your living space with the accessories you already have instead of buying new items? Here’s a guide on how to help give your home a quick makeover:

Adding Reversible Style to Your Bathroom

One’s home décor should reflect the resident’s style, and the often-neglected bathroom shouldn’t be an exception. When decorating your bathroom, unleash your secret interior designer. Though the room may be small, you don’t have to feel limited when decorating – add items that can be easily removed whenever you want to change the mood.

Creating a Happier Home

We all want our home to be a cozy, peaceful escape. You deserve a spot that gives you a sanctuary for relaxation. Here are a few ways to make your home a happy serene place of escape.

Decorating Your New Space

It won’t be a challenge when decorating your new Encantada home. Show off your unique sense of style in your luxury space. From adding wall décor to comfortable ottomans, the options to personalize your space are limitless. Bright colors and a variety of textures are perfect when you want to make a strong personal statement. Or choose cool and calming tones for a cozy feeling. Check out these great ways to express your personality in your new home.

Decorate Without Damaging Your Space

Nobody wants to spend time patching up holes left over from hanging wall art and curtains. Or using endless amounts of tape to keep décor from falling. Command strips, Scotch tabs, and Gorilla mounting tape are all great if you’re looking for an easy removal without damaging the wall or furniture. Here are ways to decorate and add storage around your home with removable strips and tabs.

Socializing for Less

Weekends are about relaxing and spending quality time with your friends. Having fun doesn’t have to do with how much money you spend. Branch out this weekend and try something you wouldn’t normally do. Enjoy these group activities without breaking the bank.