Socializing for Less

Weekends are about relaxing and spending quality time with your friends. Having fun doesn’t have to do with how much money you spend. Branch out this weekend and try something you wouldn’t normally do. Enjoy these group activities without breaking the bank.

Socializing for Less

Stay Home

  • Potluck Party – Looking to try out a new recipe? Invite your friends over for a potluck party. Have them bring over their favorite dish and share it amongst everyone. You’ll be saving money by not going out to eat, and also getting more food variety than you would at a restaurant.
  • Game Night – Either throw it back by playing a board game such as monopoly or try out a new game app like ‘Heads Up!’ on your phone. You and your friends will have a fun night of laughter and quality time in the comfort of your own home.
  • DIY Project – Check out Pinterest for a craft you’ve been wanting to do. Or, pick out a DIY project around the house you’ve been putting off. Invite your friends over and get to work! Having a productive weekend along with spending fun times with friends is a win-win.
  • Movie or TV Night – Get together with your group of friends and pick out a couple of your favorite movies. Or, check out Netflix for a TV show you’ve all never seen and start binge watching. A relaxing, money-free night at home with your friends is exactly what you need.

Get Outdoors

  • Bike ride – Being active with your friends is a great way to save money while getting exercise. Get your own bike or rent one and get on your way. Be adventurous by picking a bike trail around town or a mountain trail that allows bike riders to explore.
  • Visit the Community – Look into the local museum or zoo for their free or discounted admission days. Explore a different part of your community that you wouldn’t normally see. Making new memories at a new place with your friends is a great way to spend the weekend.
  • Pool Day – You can never go wrong by spending the day at the pool with your friends. Grab your towel and sun screen and head to Encantada’s resort-style pool for the day. Relax with your friends, poolside.
  • Hike – Find a new mountain or hiking trail around town. There is always a new scenic route waiting to be traveled. You’ll have a fun time talking with your friends while getting some fresh air.

Spending time with your friends shouldn’t include spending all of your money. Whether you want to stay home or get outside, try out a new money-free activity this weekend.

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