Surviving Hot Summer Nights

The heat that Arizona is known for is slowly but surely starting! And, as you know, there is nothing worse than trying to sleep in a hot, sticky room. That said, here are ways on how to cool down and sleep through hot summer nights:

Surviving Hot Summer Nights


Put away the flannel and silk sheets. Then take out your cotton sheets. Why? Cotton is light, airy, and soaks up moisture which makes it the perfect option when sleeping in the summer.

Turn off the lights

At any other time of the year you don’t realize that lights give off heat, but during summertime our homes can’t afford adding any extra warmth. So, try to keep the lights turned off all around your home at night to reduce your home’s temperature.


At night, set a fan directly across from an open window. That fan will mirror the outside breeze from the window and make a cross breeze.  The effect? Doubling the wind.


Get cozy in loose cotton clothing. Just like with cotton sheets, they are light and breathable. A simple change in what you wear to sleep at night can make all the difference.

Eat Earlier

Your body temperature rises when you are digesting food. For comfort, eat a big lunch or early dinner, then a light snack in the evening to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Cold Shower

Why not add in a cold shower to your nightly routine? A quick cold shower before bed can lower your body temperature then ward off the restlessness of warming while sleeping.


Your head gets the warmest the fastest. Buckwheat pillows work better during the warmer months to give off more air circulation and also neck support.

Close Windows in Daytime

During the night it’s best to keep the windows open with a fan for a cross breeze; during the day, you should keep the windows closed to keep out warm air. This simple fix can reduce the temperature of your home before night. But, we all know there’s a moment where, unfortunately, the only option is to crank on the air conditioner!

For Arizona’s hot summer nights, keep these key tips in mind!

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